Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Big wins are great reasons to play Cash Bandits 3. The great game is by RTG and the very best in their trilogy. You can start your action with a very good variety of bets. Gather highest-paying wild robbers to win very big prizes, or rob them and start the bank Vault feature. Winning jackpots on any spin is your best backing-up plan.

The Cash Bandits 3 is a five-reeled crime-themed slot from RTG. The reels are outside the bank you’ll have to rob. There symbols include police and banking tellers. The wild robber is best, while there special symbols are there scatters.

How do you play?

Cash Bandits 3 is a nice five-reeled slot game with 25 paying out lines. Choose your own coins denomination between $0,01 to up to $1. Then you'll have your coins values and paying out lines, you'll start spinning those reels. When you play Cash Bandits 3 setting up autoplay is by clicking the blue button. You can click also the lightning strike for the quick-spinning feature.

Betting options and payouts

You can choose to play between 1 to 25 payout lines when you play the Cash Bandits 3 slot online. Each line has bets of $0.01 up to $2.50. No really need to rob a bank for only just $0.25 each try. But the maximum bet of $62.50 offers players the chance for bigger spinning-stakes. If you’re busy, autoplay will play up to 100 spins for your stake. Two to five matching symbols are good to win in this higher-volatility gaming option, and the top prizes are in there paytable.

Bandit wild feature

The bandit is the wild symbol. He comes up during your base game and the free spinnings. As the wild, the bandit can take away other symbols on these reels. The only exception is the scatter symbol. You'll get some wild symbols and several wilds on your reels at the once. The Cash Bandits 3 has also Grouped wilds.

Grouped wilds

Grouped wilds often appear in 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 patterns. This is very good for your chances of a winning your next spinnings. The Cash Bandits 3 pays you with two wilds on a paying out line. When they're grouping wilds there on left reels, you’ll get a very good win. Wilds make it very much easier. The grouped wilds make it even easier.

Unlock the bank vault and Free Spins

Lining up two and five is the easy way to win. Wild robbers give 5,000x your paying line-betting. Robbers replace others to make you very more winning combos. You'll win two jackpots when playing Cash Bandits. The jackpots are to see above your reels griding. These jackpots are very random, so you'll have a good heist after your next spinnings. Get three to five of them and you get into the big Vault Feature. Enter your choices in their keypad and the vaults then open. You'll win very many nice free spins and a great 23x winners multiplier with a nice prize of up to 50,000x your line-bet.

2 Progressive Jackpots

There are two progressive pots in the Cash Bandits game. They continuously always go bigger with there bets until someone does at the last win a nice jackpot. The progressive pots have minimal payouts. The major jackpot gives out to you $1,000 in nice prizes. The minor pot starts at a very nice $250. The pots for Cash Bandits progressive slots can even payout to you on any spinning. Jackpots aren't available if you'll play for free. There is very excellent bonuses features in the Cash Bandits 3. The wilds and progressive jackpots offer very more chances to win.