Chunky Monkey Slots

Who is the Chunky Monkey, and why is he chunky? Can we find the answers in this online slot game? We headed into a tropical setting to find the game and try it, so if you want to know what we found out, this is the place to make that happen.

Who created the online slot game featuring this monkey?

This is another superb game forming part of the collection offered by RTG.

You can play a practice version first if you wish

We think this is the perfect way to begin your time with this slot game, as it doesn't require you to use any of your own coins to play with.

What's the theme about?

A monkey, pretty much, and its home in a tropical area. Expect bananas to appear as well!

How does it fare design wise?

The game has a tropical setting, with a gorgeous backdrop and areas around the sides of the game as well. It may not be in 3D, but it is fully immersive, as we found out when we tried it.

How to play Chunky Monkey slots

This is a three-reel game, although it doesn't feel like it. It doesn't provide you with any progressive jackpot chances. It offers a wild symbol, a colorful face that looks a little like a Tiki head. This doesn't pay out on its own and it only substitutes for the 7 symbols in the game, which appear in three colors. There is a scatter as well, and this is the titular monkey.

Chunky Monkey comes with fixed paylines

The game has more than the single line you might have expected, offering five fixed ones on each spin.

Choose your bets from the available values

You can do this via the plus and minus buttons, usefully located either side of the spin button.

Where is the paytable hiding?

We did ask because we had trouble spotting it to start with.

Does the game include a bonus feature?

It does include a chance of some transferring symbols. You may notice there is a blank space next to the third reel, acting independently of the main reels. You must find any two 7s along with a blank spot on the main set of reels to generate a random icon in the fourth position. This then transfers over to the main reels to generate a prize.

Would you believe that Chunky Monkey slots come with free spins?

Since this is a small game, you may not expect it to come with free spins, but it does. You need to find three scattered monkeys to receive seven free spins. You'll receive a multiplier for your spins. You can still get transferring symbols if the right circumstances are triggered during your free games.

RTP info is not provided

We knew this ahead of loading the game as RTG never supplies this information. It could mean that some participating casinos offer a better return to player percentage than others.

Our rating: Is it worth meeting the Chunky Monkey?

If design is important to you, then yes, this slot game is one of the more colorful and immersive three-reel games we have ever seen. Check it out and see whether you like it enough to play it.

What's the top prize per line in Chunky Monkey slots?

According to the official site from RTG that covers this game, it's a massive 50,000x your bet on each line.

Demo action helps make it easier to understand

You don't want to spend ages learning about the game while paying to play it. The demo comes with plenty of coins held inside the game for this purpose.

Will you play the Chunky Monkey slot game for real?

You can work out the answer by thoroughly exploring the demo before you decide.

You should find the slot game inside all participating mobile casinos

Yep, just another way to check it out and play this entertaining slot game.