Crazy Dragon Slots

A Classic Slots Game with Crazy Dragon

Sometimes all you need is a classic slots game you can really enjoy, with great features and a good-looking game screen as well. This is exactly the mix that RTG has delivered in the Crazy Dragon slots game. We've reviewed it here so you know what to expect before you see it for real.

How many reels and paylines does the game offer you?

This is a more basic game so you'll see three reels and just the one payline in play. Don't let that put you off though - we think this is one of the best single-line games out there today.

What can you wager on the Crazy Dragon slots game?

You have just one coin amount to think about here, and that is $1. However you also have a choice of playing one, two or three coins on that single payline. This means you can wager between $1 and $3 per spin.

Does this slots game have any special symbols?

Yes - you can expect a wild just as there could be in other games. This is a yin-yang symbol and it will stand in for everything apart from the Chinese dragon. We'll reveal more about that symbol below.

Is there a bonus round to try and trigger?

There is of sorts, but you should note you must play $3 per spin to stand a chance of triggering it. Smaller bets don't open up the possibility of getting this feature.

It consists of the Crazy Dragon, and the idea is to get the dragon appearing right across the three reels. There is a separate section of dragon on each one. If you do get the dragon across the reels, it triggers the free spins round. You do however get a number of free spins for just the head of the dragon, and for the first and second sections of it as well. Get all three and you get 20 free spins. If you manage to retrigger this feature and get 100 free spins, you can scoop the progressive jackpot as well!

Try downloading and playing Crazy Dragon slots today!

We think this game is pretty good for a standard one-line, three-reel game. You never know how good these games are going to be, but Crazy Dragon really delivers if you have the budget to play it. Wager $3 per line and you open up the chance for a jackpot too.