Diamond Mine Slots

Who doesn't love the sparkle and dazzle of diamonds? This classic slot theme has really been enhanced on the RTG Diamond Mine Slots online game. Although a traditional slot in design there are some upgrades that are going to have you thinking much bigger wealth and riches and increased winning possibilities. The sound effects and graphics are definitely a blast from the past and will be a big hit with those that have experience in going to a live casino to wager. Even the background is designed with authenticity in mind, adding that extra touch of detail.

Playing The Classics

For those that love the old style of casino slot machines Diamond Mine Slots allows you to have the real casino feel with full online play convenience. The game is very simple to wager and allows you to focus in on one payline on the three reels. You can play up to three coins on the payline with a maximum bet amount of $15. The coin range is between a low of just a nickel and a high of five dollars. Playing maximum bet gives you the highest winning potential on each spin. The maximum win for the jackpot is only available if you are playing all three coins. It is based on that total wager value and it is a hefty 2,500 coins. The top payout is then $12,500 if you are playing maximum wager amounts.

Symbols Of Riches

Classic slot machines tend to use the classic symbols of bars and sevens, so this slot definitely keeps up the trend. You will find that any three bars across the payline pay out. In addition one, two or three diamonds also pays out. The top jackpot is awarded when you see three gold dollar signs across that payline.

Play For The Tradition

While RTG is famous for the flashy video slots that they offer Diamond Mine Slots is a great way to get back to casino basics. This slot is perfect for a new online player and with little in the way of complicated options, winning combinations and extra features it is a perfect introduction to the world of slots. However, for those that have played in a real casino it is also a fun trip back in time. Remember that the simplicity of the game also provides a lot of winning possibilities and a very good payout if you are lucky enough to see those dollar signs and diamonds across that center payline.