High Rollers Slots

Take A Spin At High Rollers Slots

When you hear the term high roller, you are probably thinking about luxury yachts, cars and mansions, but this really isn't the case with High Rollers Slots from Real Time Gaming. However, that doesn't mean this isn't a terrific slot to play, and if you try it out you will find it is a classic slot you will enjoy playing time and time again.

As a three reel slot, it offers a few differences from the standard classic slots. First, you will notice it has five paylines, giving you even more chances to win. This is a nice twist on the classic and adds to the excitement as well as the winning potential during play.

Wagering and Play

To get started with High Rollers Slots, you will need to first choice a coin value. This game offers a wide range of options, so it is perfect for the player that is cautious, but it also offers a good opportunity for someone that likes to go for the big prize.

The coins range in size from just a nickel to up to five dollars, and you can bet up to five lines for a total maximum bet of twenty-five dollars per spin. Then, just press the spin button and wait for the reels to stop.

To make things even easier, all the information you need on the pay table is right above the reels, very much like you would see if you were playing the game in person at your favorite casino.

Symbols and Wild Feature

The symbols of this slot machine go back to the 60s and the hippie generation. You will see the tie-dye t-shirt, the butterfly, and the classic school bus so popular at that time.

What you really want to see on the reels is a psychedelic peace sign. This is the wild symbol, and it can combine with any other matching set of symbols on any payline to create a win. This is why it is so highly recommended to play all lines, ensuring you can take advantage of all your winning possibilities.

Old and New

Anyone who likes the old style of three reel classic slots but wants a bit more action and winning opportunities will love this combination in High Rollers Slots. The hippie or 60s theme is also unusual, making this slot a bit different than what you can find with other slot machines with the same type of overall feel.