Jazz Time Slots

Jazz Time slots is an entirely original game which is more like a smoky jazz club, complete with a live music atmosphere. You will find it hard to come by finding a more innovative theme. Akin to a jazz jam session, unpredictable, impromptu and brilliant. Stick your earphones on to get the best of the lovely jazz music on offer with Jazz Time slots. It's cool and trendy feel offers players a completely different take on casino slots. Jazz Time is played on 5-reels, with nine pay lines. The game focuses on music rather than bombastic graphics, yet the symbols add a touch of jazzy magic to the game.

Jazzy Symbols

Jazz Time has an orchestra beyond the reels, as a backdrop. Complementing the background are the game symbols, which are indicative of the subject matter. You will find various musical instruments, such as; saxophones, drum sets which come in parts, trumpets, grand pianos, bass guitars, guitars, and more. The Grand Piano is the Scatter symbol of Jazz Time slots. The Scatter leads to the bonus round.

Jazz Time Bonus Round

Jazz Time has a lovely and original bonus round. Activated by getting three Scatters, the Jazz Time Bonus Round offers excellent chances to enrich your credit balance. You will be provided four musical instruments; a bass guitar, a guitar, a piano, and a trumpet. Players get to choose an instrument, each leading to different payouts, won by forming the right music score. Picking an instrument that is out of key with the others, ends the round, so choose wisely! The alternative Scatter Bonus is an instant credit, which is won when three parts of a drum kit appear anywhere on the screen.

Big Money Scatter Bonus

Matching the parts of the drum kit, with a hi-hat, a snare drum and cymbals. The drum kit pieces open up the Big Money Scatter Bonus. This bonus offers players high payout of 350 coins! When the symbols arrive onscreen, they announce themselves with a typical sound from their musical instrument. Once the full drum kit is formed correctly, the round proper starts in earnest.

Wagering at the Jazz Cafè

Jazz Time has a wide range of wagering choices. With the 5-reels and nine pay lines, the coin values create many more permutations. In fact, coin values start from $0.01 per coin, rising substantially to $5 per coin. The chip denominations range from $0.25 up to $100. Consider five coins can be placed on a pay line, then this creates wagering from $0.01, all the way up to $250 per spin! Finding a slot with such variance is hard. High rollers can revel in the upper limit, yet at the same time, novices can enjoy the extremely low minimum betting limit; a win-win situation all around. The wagering is accompanied by classic, traditional jazz music all the way. The AutoPlay button allows the setting of a fixed number of spins, particularly when wagering minimum limits. The top payout is gained by landing 5 Microphone symbols on the reels at once, efficiently winning a payout of 10,000 coins! Betting maximum limits attracts better probabilities of winning this huge payout, but it's worth going for due to its size and ultimate value.

Jazz Time: The Show Ends

Jazz Time is a super slot with all the trimmings players seeks out in a premium slot game such as this one. Bonuses, Scatters, Wilds, and other great casino features are enough to entice serious gamers, especially high rollers; with that $250 max limit bet. The symbols blend with the theme, and the classy and pure jazz music graces the gameplay from start to finish. The mobile version allows playing on different mobile devices, including iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Jazz Time can be enjoyed at any time, in any place where there is a WiFi connection. Trying out Jazz Time will be a real treat and alternative gaming experience to the norm, completely different from the average slot experience, that's for sure! Try out something different and alternative, a new way to wager, accompanied by smooth jazz sounds and melodies. Who knows, the 10,000 coins maximum payout could be yours!