Mardi Gras Magic Slots

We have played a few online slot games based on Mardi Gras celebrations already. Is there room for another one, we wonder? It's usual to expect plenty of color splashed around in games like these, and so we have high hopes for what we might see in Mardi Gras Magic.

But does it live up to the magical part of its title? The opening promo image looks promising, so let's see if the game itself matches that early promise.

Who came up with this idea?

The team at Realtime Gaming are responsible for creating this slot game, and it joins a heady collection of excellent games in their back catalog.

The presence of a demo is another promising sign

It is, and we are thankful to see it. We know that many players like to have at least a few practice spins before they do anything else.

Discover more about the theme

We know there is a Mardi Gras theme here, but the magic is merely a way of describing what is a magical event. There is nothing to do with real magic here. No rabbits, magic wands, or top hats!

A design filled with celebration

Mardi Gras is a strong and celebratory event. So, it would be unusual to load a slot with the title Mardi Gras Magic and not see lots of color, elaborate costumes, and other associated features. Fortunately, this one certainly hits the mark in that respect.

Here's how to start playing Mardi Gras Magic

You can expect five reels to appear when you load the game, along with three symbols on each one. There aren't any progressive jackpots, but once you get underway you may not miss them.

A detailed and colorful mask appears as the substitute symbol. You also have a chance to benefit from a Bursting Wild. Occurring randomly, it may reveal several other symbols next to the wild landing as usual that turn into more wilds.

The game also loads up a scatter that might appear during the action, and this looks like the game logo.

They have fixed all the paylines

This means you need to cover the lot with every spin bet you place. Fortunately, the game makes this easy by giving you a single bet to cover them all.

Lots of bets to choose from

As with all RTG games (or at least most of them), you can look for bets worth one cent per line upward. That means the minimum to play per spin is a quarter. You can also go way north of that to reach the maximum playable amount of $62.50.

Paytable details for Mardi Gras Magic

The paytable details everything that appears in the game. It also covers potential prize amounts and the various bonus and extra features that you might experience. All good to know before you start to play.

How about a random instant bonus feature?

You don't need to do anything to find this bonus because it is random and therefore could drop on any spin. If it does, you just need to sit back and watch as a trolley appears on the reels. This sounds unusual, but if the trolley does turn up, it will come loaded with a prize for you. Accept it and move on!

Free spins come from those scatters

You might have guessed this. You can spot three, four, or five scatters in one spin to receive 10, 15, or 20 free games. You won't receive any multipliers for prizes landing during those games. However, there is a chance that you might spot the Bursting Wilds more frequently than you would in the base game.

RTP info unavailable

You may not be surprised at this because RTG never unleashes this info to its players. Others have found that many of their games fall into the 95% category, but we cannot confirm that for this entry just yet.

How high does our rating go?

You're going to play an eight out of 10 game here, in our opinion. The bursting wild is cool to see and makes things a little different from how you might expect them to be.

Winning potential revealed in the paytable

This told us that the best regular prize is 800x your bet if you can find the most expensive dancer five times in a spin. There are other characters in the game, and those are the next best ones to find.

Would you take some demo spins here?

We think you will learn plenty from them if you do - certainly enough to see if you would like to play the real game.

The real version is available for RTG casino members

We know there are lots of online casinos running on software supplied by Realtime Gaming. If you've already joined one, you should find the Mardi Gras Magic slot is there as well.

Mobile play is just as good

You'll need to become used to the touchscreen controls for Android and iOS, but that's the only difference when you play on tablets or smartphones.