Privacy is a very important factor when playing at a casino and at Silveroakscasino we offer a full and detailed Private Policy which ensures our commitment to you and your personal information. We respect you as a player or a visitor to our site and all of your personal information is kept completely secure and encrypted while taking into account the most up to date privacy laws and data protection acts. All of our employees at the casino have signed a confidentiality agreement that ensures your personal details remain just that. Once you begin playing at the casino whether through the website flash option or if you have downloaded the casino to your computer, a cookie from the casino will be lodged on your computer. This is a temporary file which leaves information on your computer in order for a speedy return access to the casino. If you prefer not to have the cookie on your computer you can delete it easily. From time to time we may ask for permission to use some of your details for marketing purposes such as age, profession and so on. We may also ask for permission to send you different advertising promotions from affiliated companies. You can agree or refuse to participate in this via email consent. At any time you can also request a copy of your personal information file for your own records. If you do feel that your personal information has been compromised in any way please contact the customer services department immediately. All the affiliates of the casino together with the casino respect the privacy of the individual and conform to all requirements.