Regal Riches Slots

Regal Riches slot is a premium game with 25 pay lines, 3-rows, and 5-reels. The theme is seeping in luxury and the lavish lifestyle of the Royal family in medieval times. A time when bravery and loyalty were two qualities that were valued above all other, and strength was the power to control everything. With many original medieval icons gracing the game reels, a smooth betting process is assured, and it is also varied. Regal Riches slot offers an excellent casino gaming experience., so let’s take a trip to the 16th Century and check out Regal Riches in more detail, shall we?

Symbols of Kings & Queens

Regal Riches slot is packed with exciting symbols that will appear upon the reels whenever they stop spinning. You can find classic images from the era including majestic castles and palaces, a lady’s mirror, ornamental coats of arms, some grapes, a jewelled necklace, and also a mandolin player and minstrel. There are golden goblets, horse-drawn carriages, butterflies, and more. The Wild symbol is represented herein by the Queen Elizabeth image, while the Scatter symbol is the Fountain image. All the icons fit into the grand design of the game, thereby creating an immersive and profoundly atmospheric game experience. The green countryside in those medieval times is always there in the background, which changes during the free spins games and transforms into the interior of the castle; specifically the drawing room, and that is where all the real action takes place. Beautiful medieval harpsichord music accompanies the gameplay, which further adds to the strong atmospherics.

Castle Wagering

Regal Riches slot offers a wealth of betting options and variety. That is possible due to the 5-reels, and massive 25 pay lines for wagering. Add to that the many coin sizes, and the picture is perfect and fully completed. The coin sizes start from just $0.01 and increase exponentially to a higher $5. That allows for a minimum bet of $0.25 a spin, and a maximum upper limit of $125. The AutoPlay feature is a worthy addition, as you can quickly fix a number of auto spins while you sit back and just enjoy the relaxing spinning of the reels and the show. The Spin control button sets the reels in motion, with the betting amounts and coin sizes customised according to your preference. Regal Riches slots incorporates an innovative new feature which cannot be found on any other slots game. There are two speeds, which are the Fun Speed, that allows you to stop the reels whenever you want, and there is the Turbo Speed function, which will spin the reels at a super fast speed

Regal Progressive Jackpot

For additional excitement, Regal Riches slots includes two progressive jackpots, which are the minor, and the significant jackpots. They are both activated randomly, however, betting the more upper limits will increase the chances of winning them. Once they are claimed, they are reset to a base amount before starting to grow again as players begin to contribute each time they make a bet when playing the slot game. Both of the jackpots can be won at the end of each spin. The progressive jackpots add tremendous value to the slot game, over and above all of the other unique features in the game such as Wild and Scatters. As long as you are betting on all the pay lines, you have a chance of winning the jackpots.

Scatter & Wild

Both the Wild and Scatter symbols have unique, special powers that can increase your chances of winning a high payout. The Elizabeth Wild icon can replace the other symbols, including the Scattered Fountain, to help configure winning combinations and payouts. Moreover, the Wild image can appear stacked upon the central reel, thereby affecting all the other symbols around it to create many more lucrative wins! The Fountain Scatter will trigger the Free Spins games if you manage to land three, or more of them upon the reels. The Scatter image also pays out a multiplier with all your wins, which can reach up to as high as 50x your triggering wager! The Elizabeth Wild image can contribute towards getting you into the bonus round if it appears upon the reels during the round.

Free Spins in the Castle

Once you access the Free Spins round via the Scatters, you can win between 8 and 25 Free Spins, right at the outset. Each free game you play increases the multiplier effect, and three free games will come with 3x multipliers, two free games gifts you a 2x multiplier, and so forth. The action during the Free Spins in enhanced as all the winnings can be higher than during the base game, especially if the special symbols turn up on the reels as well.


Regal Riches slot provides an exceptional casino gaming experience. The mobile version of the game delivers just as perfectly as its desktop counterpart, with colourful graphics, bright animations and awesome sound effects, which all combine to create a very rich and hugely entertaining slot. The wagering is very wide-ranging, starting from just a few cents, rising all the way up to a very high amount of $125 on a single spin! The slot game flows smoothly from start to finish, with the game control buttons allowing you complete control. All in all, Regal Riches slot deserves a try. It has absolutely everything you could ever wish for in a slot, from high payout progressive jackpots to multiple free spins, all-encompassing Wild and Scatter features as well. It isn't hard to comprehend why so many casino players love Regal Riches slots, which has become something of a present-day classic. You deserve the very best, and Regal Riches slot will provide you with just that. Enter the castle of fortune with Regal Riches slot.