Sevens and Stripes Slots

Sometimes it is nice to play a simple, basic and classic online game. Sevens and Stripes Slots provide just this type of online play. Realtime Gaming offers several of the classic slots in online format that provide easy play for novice gamblers or a relaxing break for those that have played online for years. One of the major advantages of playing classic slots is that they are typically very good at payouts on a routine basis. Without a lot of bells and whistles you have simple, traditional casino slot fun. Sound effects and graphics are also designed to be very realistic and allow you to imagine you are right there in the casino as you play.

Back To Basics

The rules of Sevens and Stripes Slots couldn't be easier to understand. This is a three reel slot with one payline that is indicated in red on the screen. It is the horizontal line in the middle of the three reels. Since there is only one payline your only consideration is the size of the coin and the number of coins you want to bet on that line. Coin size ranges from five cents to five dollars for a total bet of a minimum of a nickel and a maximum of fifteen dollars per spin. Maximum bet allows you to win the biggest payoff on any winning combination. However to win the major jackpot of 10,000 coins it really make sense to be playing the maximum coin value. There is also a second jackpot of 5000 coins that is won with a different combination.

Patriotic Symbols

There are only two different symbols on the game, sevens and bars. Any combination of either all bars on all three reels across the payline or all sevens will result in a payout. The top prize of 10,000 is paid out when you are playing 3 coins and see a red, white and blue seven combination on the payline. The next highest is 3 red sevens followed by other color combinations and the combinations of bars. The paytable is easy to read and is located just above the reels on the screen. All the controls for the game are located on the bottom.

Play Today

For that real old time casino feel you really owe it to yourself to try out Sevens and Stripes Slots. If you have played at a traditional casino it will be a way to enjoy a classic game all over again while if you are new to online gaming it is a great first time slot to play.