Burnley Fever Slots

Football games are a dime a dozen in the states, making games about the real version of football, also known as soccer, somewhat rare. This game more than makes up for it, however, being one of Real Time Gamings best, delivering in all ways we can think of, and looking good with stylistic flair the whole way through. Featuring a wonderful theme that was in sore need of more entries, a vibrant and passionate art style that does it justice, and enough winnings to keep fans of any sport interested, this game is one that you’ll sit down and enjoy, no matter who you are or where you’re at when you play it.

Although it doesn’t have a lot going for it in terms of bonuses or innovative features, it’s big on winning, just like the game of football itself! It’s got more than one jackpot, and can pay out at multiple levels, just like all the great slots that suck us in. It’s got the usual set of mechanics you’re used to, and plenty of free spins to go around too and keep you busy. There’s even a nice bonus feature that, while not on par with some of the more involved games on the market, looks pretty great. We can recommend it without a hint of hesitation if you’re at all a fan of the sport, and uncharacteristically, we can still recommend you play it even if you’re not. It’s one that sinks its cleats into you deep if you’ll give it half a chance, and will keep you kicking around spinning for long into the night, just like a good game of soccer itself!

What You Can Expect

One thing that’s obvious going into this one is that it’s an absolutely gorgeous game. The art style here really is a step or three above the rest, and makes no qualms in letting you bask in that and enjoying it. It’s easily our favorite part of the game, alongside winning of course! They really captured the football vibe well, and the enthusiasm of a fan in watching a game.

The number of lines and reels isn’t anything new, but on the higher end of normal. You’ll see the usual 50 lines to bet on here, along with the 5 reel setup that is now standard on the internet. To go with that they took the time to add in a number of progressive jackpots and a bonus feature to go with it. When you enter into the free spins round, you’ll be greeted by the penalty kick feature, which will have you getting bonus balls appearing on the reels of various colors. These mostly amount to jackpots and multipliers, but feel fresh in practice, and pay out pretty well in our book!

You can also expect the usual mainstays when it comes to betting, being able to go up to $5 a coin and starting as low as a penny, as nobody has any time for someone only willing to bet a fraction of a cent. You can get up to 100 free spins as well, which is among the highest amount we’ve ever seen!

What They Could Have Improved

Although this one hits home with us a big fans of soccer and football, it’s definitely not for everybody. If you’re not fans, you’ll still have a good time with it, but that being one of your passions will certainly help, particularly given how hard they push it in the theme and otherwise.

They also could have done a little more to keep things interesting, such as making the mechanics of the bonus round a little more novel than the average game. Real Time Gaming did a great job here, however, and you won’t find us complaining all that much about what ended up coming out of their efforts!

General Style and Presentation

This came has a very stylized take on realism that is reminiscent of some of the FIFA games you’ll see on game consoles every year. It’s very passionate with good facial expressions and the colors are to die for. It all feels like a late night game under the heavy stadium lighting that makes everyone feel a bit more alive.

They also did a lot to focus on the fan experience as well, including tickets, the shoes and clothing, and elements of fans cheering for our favorite team. Many games on this theme, although they aren’t many in number, tend to focus on the players looking like dead models standing around and looking soccer like. This one features the players screaming and yelling and having a wonderful time, which is infectious on all levels.

Summing Up the Game

Burnley Fever Slots is probably the best game about soccer and football we have ever played. It has a nice sense of style, mile high production values that run taller than some soccer stadiums, and pays you well for your time spent smiling as you spin. The bonus feature is fun and great, the jackpots are numerous, and it pays out as good or better than any game on the net. If you’re looking for a high brow, high production value, and high stakes soccer game, this one is definitely it. We only wish they’d take the same approach to all sports so fans of different ones can have their one place to gamble on the net in peace. Until then, however, this game is great, and we have no qualms about recommending it to anyone at all. We loved it, and have a feeling anyone that sits down with it and gives it a chance is going to get wrapped up in it too, just like the sport of soccer itself, or football if you’re more of the international crowd coming in to enjoy the world’s sport!