Crazy Vegas Slots

Every true gambler knows that Vegas is where it is at. However, most of us do not live anywhere near the sin city. Fear not! Players can live the dream of going to Vegas without having to book a flight. Crazy Vegas Video Slots is the slot machine that will take of that. Crazy Vegas Slots is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot machines. In this game, Vegas is coming to the player. Crazy Vegas Slots is a lot a progressive slot, made by Realtime Gaming. With great graphics and appropriate symbols, the players will feel like they are actually in Vegas. There are WILD and SCATTER symbols in this game. The betting range is from $0.01 up to $100. Players have 1 coin per line. Plus, Crazy Vegas Slots has a BONUS game!

Crazy Graphics

Crazy Vegas Slots has a variety of casino related symbols. Included in these symbols are the one-and-only Elvis himself, a sleek host, some red dice, poker cards, a roulette, a big wad of cash, some pink go-go dancers, and other symbols as well. The background is a simple purple one, with the main game being in black. There are a couple of palm trees in the background, that add to the charm of the game. The graphics on the outside may look simple, but that does not mean that this game isn’t fun. In this game the SCATTER symbol is the Crazy Vegas symbol. The Crazy Vegas symbol also serves as the WILD symbol. This means that if a player receivers more than three of the Crazy Vegas symbols anywhere on the reel, the player’s winning will be multiplied. For example, if a player receives 3 Crazy Vegas symbols, then they will receive a 5x multiplier. If the player receives 4 Crazy Vegas symbols then they will win a 20x higher multiplier. The maximum that a player can get are 5 Crazy Vegas symbols, and this time the winnings will be multiplied by 100x.

Crazy Bonus

Crazy Vegas Slots also has a Free Spins feature. To activate the Free Spins, they must find the multi-colored casino chips that are marked with a “Free Spins” inscription. These symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Once a player gets the three chips, they will spin. The number that a players gets on the first two chips will be added and it will represent the number of free spins they got. Then, the number on the third chip is a multiplier of prizes won during the free games. This is such a unique and cool feature. However, it cannot be retriggered, so make it last while you can. There is also a BONUS game as well. There is a BONUS symbol that will appear on reels 1 and 5. There are two multi-colored wheels with two cores (outer and inner). Both of these cores will spin in the opposite direction. Once the player stops them, the numbers that are shown will be multiplied with each other, and the result will be the multiplier of the player’s triggering bet. This is one fun game to play. Players will get the real Vegas experience without having to leave their house. Crazy Vegas Slots has a ton of cool graphics and fun bonus games to plays. It will be a good time. If you haven’t played Crazy Vegas Slots, go and do so because it will be worth it.