Doragon's Gems Slots

Doragon… or dragon? We immediately spotted the slight change to the spelling in the title of this slot game, and the idea of dragons appearing in the slot was confirmed when we loaded it. So, we have compiled a full review of the Doragon's Gems online slot game, ready for you to explore here.

Which developer created this game?

Right at the bottom of the paytable, you can see a copyright notice that belongs to Spin Logic Gaming.

You can always test the demo game before you do anything else

If this is the first time you've come across this slot, we recommend you access the practice game first. It lets you into all its features and gaming elements, so you'll know whether to play the real version of Doragon's Gems afterwards.

Making the most of its fantasy theme

Since we have never met a real dragon, we guess this game is firmly in the fantasy realm. It's a fine game to play and has lots of dragons in it, with the lower-valued symbols adopting various gem-like appearances.

Check out the incredible detail in this design

The game is stunning, with a background that helps to set the tone for what is to come. If you look closely, you can see leaves moving around and light flickering on the rocks… some more gems, perhaps?

Let's get underway with more facts about the Doragon's Gems slot

If you were expecting a 5 x 3 game, that is indeed what you get. There aren't any progressive jackpots here, but you may spot a dragon's egg as the wild symbol. This doesn't replace the scattered dragon's eye, but everything else is fine.

How many lines will you need to cover?

The game offers 25 lines, and it looks like they're fixed.

An unusual starting bet

With Doragon's Gems offering fixed paylines, you need only select your preferred spin bet in each case. The smallest one isn't 25 cents as you might imagine - instead, they've gone for 20 cents. The biggest bet is way lower than we expected too, coming in at just two dollars. That said, the game includes a Bonus Bet possibility, and this requires 25% of your selected bet in addition to trigger it. This means a 20-cent bet would be 25 cents with Bonus Bet activated. Bonus Bet means you have double the chance of unlocking the free game feature.

The paytable contains everything on a single page

You simply need to scroll to see it all, and it works well in providing all the details you need prior to playing the game.

Cascades and multipliers in Doragon's Gems

The slot game offers cascading wins, which occur on a triggering winning combination. The winning symbols are then removed from the reels and replaced by others. This also activates the multiplier trail, doubling the base multiplier of 1x. Each successive cascade that results in a prize will further double the current multiplier. It doesn't look like there is a maximum value for this. The next losing spin resets it to 1x again.

Find the dragon's eye to find your free spins

Three bring you seven free games, four bring 10 games, and five will trigger 13 free games to play. The multiplier trail and cascades are present in these games, with one crucial difference - if you get a losing spin, the current multiplier remains in play rather than resetting.

The game's RTP value may vary from one casino to another

Since the game does not reveal a value, and the developer is known for offering various values for the casinos to choose from, this could be the case here as well.

Our rating for Doragon's Gems

This one deserves 10/10 on graphics alone. It looks incredible, and this does add to the gameplay. Overall, we would rate this one as an 8.5 out of 10 game. Even 3D graphics wouldn't vastly improve it as it looks so cool anyway.

Doragon's Gems has a huge bet per line maximum prize

We're not quite sure how you might achieve this, but the paytable from Spin Logic Gaming confirms that the maximum possible prize is 250,000x per line!

Play the practice game to get an idea of its scope

Doragon's Gems is a sensational game that looks the part. Does it have enough features involved to provide you with some entertaining gameplay? The demo reveals all.

Play for real wherever you see Spin Logic Gaming titles

There are lots of participating casinos you can visit, so why not see if you can find one today?

Did you know you can hunt for those gems on mobile devices too?

You can - all modern Spin Logic slot games are playable on Android and iOS.