Jack the Ripper Slots

Jack the Ripper is one of the most notorious serial killers from Victorian times, in the fog heavy streets of London. Jack plundered and murdered five prostitutes. He removed their vital organs and butchered the girls. Until very recently, the crime was unsolved, however, in recent years proof has surfaced, and evidence points towards a Polish immigrant. What does all this have to do with slots you might ask? The theme is the backbone of the storyline, and the game is based on the notorious serial killer, known to mankind by his nickname; Jack the Ripper.

The Slot Action

Jack the Ripper slots os a super smooth casino game at heart. There are loads of bonuses, unique game features and exciting action. The game backdrop is a brick wall in Whitechapel, the East End of London, at the scene of one of the crimes. There is blood splattered o the wall for dramatic effect. The reels are centrally located, superimposed onto the brick wall. The symbols lend atmosphere and colour and fit well with the rest of the theme. The Ripper himself occasionally makes a foray onto the screen to increase the bloody tension! A hybrid of the macabre and casino gaming, Jack the Ripper slots is a cross between horror and gambling. The game also offers free spins, bonus symbols, such as the Wild and Scatter icons, and a progressive jackpot to increase the tension to a feverish level.

Betting on the Jack!

Jack the Ripper has the standard 5-reels, and 25 pay lines for players to wager. The pay lines are flexible; which means you can bet on any number of them. The arrow keys below the reels allow the reduction or increase in the number of active pay lines you choose to use. The base of the game, just below the reels, houses the game control buttons. The buttons allow complete customisation of the wagering process. The coin values start at $0.01, rising to a more substantial $5. The minimum bet in cash terms is just 1 cent, while the maximum is $125 per spin. The pay table, which is accessed via the buttons on the screen. It will show all possible combinations and the payouts they deliver. Landing three identical symbols lead to a payout.

Symbols of the Ripper

Jack the Ripper slots has some bloody symbols on the reels. The Wild Logo is dripping with blood! But it still has the power to replace other icons to form winning combinations. It cannot replace the Scatter, however. The blood-soaked game logo is the Scatter symbol. Landing three of them triggers the bonus round. The other symbols that the game serves up include; a mysterious woman, a man, and there are high card values, also dripping in blood. They contain numbers 9 and 10, along with J, Q, K, and Ace.

Jack’s Bonus Feature

Once you get the three Scatters that activate the bonus round, you will be automatically given eight free spins, and Jack himself will make an appearance! He might decide to attack other symbols, transform into a Wild symbol, replacing up to 15 of the regular symbols.

Jack the Ripper’s Progressive Jackpot

Jack the Ripper provides players with a randomly triggered, progressive jackpot. It starts at 1,000 credits, and continually inflates and grows as more people play it, contributing to the pot. The feature is activated at random, so anyone has a chance of winning it. Betting maximum amounts not only increases the probabilities of a payout, but the payout will be much higher. The jackpot can be won at the end of any real money spin.

Mobile Jack

Jack the Ripper has a super streamlined mobile version of the game. It can be downloaded or played in Instant Play mode. Tablets and smartphones, both iOS, and Android devices will bring out the best qualities of the game. The graphics and sound are optimal and impressive on a mobile device, and you have all the advantages the medium offers.

Serial Killer Summary

The subject matter of Jack the Ripper slots will appeal to many gamers, although there may be those too squeamish for the blood-splattered theme. Nevertheless, the game offers a superb quality of graphics, multiple bonuses and unique features, including free spins. The symbols and theme lend a creepy touch of the macabre, mingled with red-hot casino action. The blend is amazingly efficient and subsequently, proves Jack the Ripper is a premium slot, at par with better than the most popular slots out there. Try out a mystery and horror slot for a change. It could change your life in more ways than one.