Get Ready for the Zombies vs Cheerleaders II Slot

Real Time Gaming has come up with a cool slot here in the shape of Zombies vs Cheerleaders II. The first slot of the same name (minus the II, of course) was a huge hit, so it was only a matter of time before RTG came up with a sequel.

So, here's the big question - was it worth the wait?

Reels and paylines combination

You get five reels here, and the game offers 25 lines to bet on.

Bet amounts on offer

RTG likes to provide a good range of bet amounts, and that's the case here too. You can bet as little as a cent per line, or you have a chance to go through other values to the highest one of $5 per line.

Does Zombies vs Cheerleaders II offer any special symbols?

There is a scatter which takes the form of the logo for the game. When this shows up at least three times across the five reels, you get a bonus feature to play. We'll cover this in a moment.

There is also a wild symbol with the word written in blood, and a zombie that looks as though it has an arm in its mouth… yes, it's that sort of game, for sure!

Can you unlock a bonus feature in this game?

There are two, and they are triggered with those scatters we mentioned earlier. The first one is called Zombies Gone Wild free spins, and the second is the Cheerleader Escape feature.

In Zombies Gone Wild, there is a chance for cheerleaders to turn into wilds if they appear next to a real wild. If you get into the Cheerleader Escape feature, you will be confronted with a chance to escape from six locations. There are credit wins, zombies and exit signs. The exit takes you to the next level, but if you see a zombie on your final choice of door, you will exit the game. The idea is to get through as many levels as you can while grabbing as many cash prizes as you can.

Download and enjoy playing Zombies vs Cheerleaders II slots today!

This was worth the wait, in our opinion. It's a thrilling slot and the addition of a special free spins feature alongside a bonus feature makes it even better. Be brave and give this one a try if you have the nerve!