Phantom of the Opera Slots

The source material for this game needs no introduction. Everyone’s at least heard of The Phantom of the Opera novel, seen the plays, and generally knows the gist of things. It’s a striking tale with wonderful imagery and we can’t think of any reason not to consider it one of the best classics around. Microgaming clearly agrees, delivering a wonderful rendition of the tale in slot form, complete with the usual set of mechanics and winning potential that you’re used to seeing from them, with a lot more stylistic flare than you’re likely to see almost anywhere.

Of all the renditions of the theme we’ve seen, this one is likely our favorite. We think the imagery is professional done and taken from one of the best versions of the play, we love the graphics outside of the actors and actresses themselves, and it’s all a visual and thematic treat to behold as it all spins on by and fills our wallets. The only people that would likely dislike this game are people with poor taste, in which case they have bigger problems than deciding which game to play on the internet!

The number of pay lines is immense, the reels are easily accessible, and the jackpots number in at 3. If the theme and all else weren’t enough to keep you interested, then this will certainly make you sit down and pay keen attention to what’s going on! We give this one top marks all around, having a great time all throughout, and never having any regrets for having played it. If you’re looking for a new take on an old classic, and a lot of money to add to your bank account, this game is certainly it!

What You Can Expect

This game numbers in at the standard number of reels, 5, but has a whopping 243 pay lines for you to bet on! This makes the winning potential of this one huge, and the max coins you can bet per line is 25. The coins themselves vary as high or low as you’d like, and that’s a wonderful thing in our book for all the winnings it can offer a hopeful player! The jackpots are 3 times as many as some games have too, being 3 in total, each more sizable than the last. The developers clearly know why we’re all playing these games, and if the theme was not enough, this would certainly be a great way to keep us glued to our seats in pleasure!

Of course, the theme is still the star of the show, however, if you can excuse our one attempt at a pun in this review. The fabled plot is obviously no where present in the game, but it is a game that takes all of the imagery and tone from a beautiful rendition of it and does it justice on the reels. Everything looks like it was ripped from the stage, and you almost feel like you’re watching the play itself as things spin by and stop with a nice bit of animation to show off when you’ve made a match.

It’s a class act all around, excelling at all things and we feel for all people. You can expect the best of this one! We won’t give you your money back if you don’t get it, but we mean the sentiment none the less!

What They Could Have Improved

The only thing we would really change about a game like this is simply seeing more of it and having more mainstays in other slots that we have come to enjoy. There is no bonus game, for example, which keeps thing tame and if you play for too long that could affect your enjoyment. There are also no progressive jackpots, although we feel that the 3 present more than make up for it. The usual set of mechanics are here, but we feel the number of pay lines makes it sing and soar for higher on the stage than it otherwise could have if they had a different theme or left it more boring.

General Style and Presentation

This is a looker, that’s for sure! We really enjoyed ever pixel they put together with this one, having a dark and stage ready tone that was ripped from a wonderful performance of it and made to spin across the screen for our slot going delight. Of all the games we’ve played, this is probably the best version of it, and that’s saying a lot considering how many of them there are out there!

They went for photorealism with this one, and a darker tone, which we feel is the right approach. It’s admittedly the one most games take with it, but we think that’s for good reason. Our main misgiving about this game’s graphics are that we’d simply like to see more of them. They did such a good job with it that it’s hard for us to complain, and we feel like we were sitting on the sidelines of a great theater troupe as things spun on past us.

Summing Up the Game

Phantom of the Opera Slots is the best version of this theme we’ve seen, plays wonderfully well, has too many pay lines to count, and still manages to be accessible and fun. The triple jack pots also have a lot to offer those in these for the money, while the lack of special features or a progressive jackpot may put some players off. This is a gem in the genre, through and through, and anyone would do well to sit back and give this one a chance to suck them in, just like the play itself. Whether you’re a fan of the source material or are simply interested in what Microgaming has to offer, you’ll have a wonderful and fun time with this one! It’s as magical as the play itself.