Ox Bonanza Slots

What does the Ox Bonanza game title tell us about this game? We know a bonanza can point to something promising, and an ox doesn’t need much explanation at all. So, can we hope to reveal a bonanza of prizes and action when we load the reels of this game?

We are going to find out why the developer chose to base this game around an ox. We’ll also see more about the various features and perks you might receive if you try this game.

Developer information to start things off

Our review would not be complete unless we revealed the name of the developer. In this case, we can point to Realtime Gaming as the creator.

Demo information for the game

RTG never lets us down when it comes to giving us a demo to play. That proves to be correct here too, as we can indeed try it first.

How does an ox factor into the theme?

The ox is one of 12 characters of the Chinese zodiac. Since 2021 is the Year of the Ox, we can assume that RTG released this game with that in mind. We do see other Chinese elements involved here too, making the game look even more impressive.

Do we have a great design to check out here?

Yes, we do, and the game is a modern take on the Chinese New Year theme that has been popular for so long. We love this one and the background has clearly received plenty of attention along with the game itself.

Basic factors introduced in the Ox Bonanza slot

You will play this game on the standard 5 x 3 format. While you can never rely on seeing progressive jackpots in any slot game, there are two displayed here. RTG has positioned them above the reels.

It won’t surprise you to realize that the ox is the wild symbol. It carries a 2x boost whenever it appears as part of a winning line. It can only do this by landing on the first reel though, as it doesn’t appear anywhere else. The scatter is also present, shown as a message that says OX BONUS.

Payline quantity in Ox Bonanza slots

The game uses fixed paylines, so all need to be played per spin, and there are 25 in all.

Choose your wager

If we tell you this is a penny slot, you’ll know you must play a quarter across the 25 paylines. You can go through other bet amounts too, with $12.50 being the highest of them all.

Paytable details for Ox Bonanza

The paytable is orderly and explains everything nicely. Rather than opting for details across several pages, RTG has created one page that requires some scrolling to see everything written and displayed on it.

Bonus features in the Ox Bonanza slot game

Would you like to see a Morphing Wild in action? While the wild ox only shows up on the first reel, it may trigger the randomly occurring Morphing Wild feature when it does so.

If this does happen, you will see some of the other animals appearing on that same spin transforming into additional wild symbols. Any further pays would then be calculated before the next spin.

Can you score any free spins in this game?

Yes, you can get these via the OX BONUS symbol. Find three and you’ll get 10 spins, while four will bring you 20 spins. If you’d like to score 100 free spins (and yes, that is written correctly), you must find five OX BONUS scatters to do it.

Two things to know about these free games. Firstly, the Morphing Wild may appear during any game where you find a wild symbol. Secondly, you can also look out for retriggers, which would garner you the quantity of games shown above for three, four, or five more bonus icons.

Do we know what the RTP is?

This means return to player, and it is shown as a percentage. Unfortunately, RTG never reveals this detail, so we must play without it.

Our rating for the superb Ox Bonanza slot game

Well, we said it is superb, so you can guess there is a good rating in store for this one. We are awarding it eight out of 10, thanks to the free spins and the chance to get a Morphing Wild or two during the game.

When might we hear of a jackpot winner?

With two available and ready for someone to scoop them, you can never be sure whether the next jackpot winner might be just around the corner. If we get news of someone managing to get one of those prizes, we’ll be sure to share it here.

Play for entertainment to try it out

We always like to play a new game like this if we can. RTG always supplies the demo for players to try, and so we know we can experiment with this one for a while.

Will you switch over to the real version?

Many players will, but will you be among them? Try it out and see if the demo has enough entertainment to cause the change. From just 25 cents per play, there is plenty to look forward to.

Can you try Ox Bonanza on mobile devices?

Yes, they created the game with mobile platforms in mind as well. It works on Android and iOS devices.