Trigger Happy Slots

What do you get when you cross high production values with a love of women, the west, and really giant boobs? You’ll get our new favorite game! Serving up a unique take on the cowboy genre that comes together far better than it has any right too, this game will have you coming back for more right quick if you’re willing to give it a chance. Considering all the main characters are armed, sans the horse, that’s probably a good idea! We have seen plenty of games try to do things set in the Wild old West, Texas, and related places, but none so well done as this one. The imagery seems fit for a higher budget video game, the winnings are fit for anyone, and we are really big fans of the leading ladies. It all proceeds with style and flare as well, making for a good time that anyone can enjoy, not just people that like boobs and guns and of course boobs. We have few complaints about this game. They managed to avoid all of the common beige pitfalls that tend to bring games of this kind down, all the while doing a wonderful job with limited means given how this game looks. It’s one you can play for a little bit or a while, and will have no regrets when comparing it to other games. Our only regret is that they don’t market the game more, as it has a lot of potential that will likely remain unrealized since it’s a hard game to come by along all the other heavy hitters that put a lot of money behind spreading their name. Feel free to help remedy this by jumping into this game now and giving it a chance! You won’t regret a gun slinging moment of it.

What You Can Expect

For starters, the best game in the West! This game takes a love for that period and combines it with an arcade game illustration style to make something truly original that stands out. You’ll be struck by how well done the imagery is, including the UI elements and everything around it. It spares no expense trying to impress you there, and goes a long way to charm you with stylistic flare. Not many Western games go that way, which makes this one as refreshing as finding some water in a desert that would look a lot like this one does. Most games of this kind look like a dirty back of a barn and have lots of books with spurs on them. That’s not really what people like about the West. There’s no romance to that, which is the part and allure of the theme. This game very thoroughly gets why people go to see Westerns and why cowboy hats are still a thing, putting it all in slot form for your spinning and winning pleasure! Aside from that, and you’ll find a lot to like in the gameplay department as well. The reels are 5, and the pay lines are 30. This isn’t new, and serves to make things more immersive, letting you sink into it and enjoy the scenery like it should be. There’s also a large number of free games that come up, you can win up to 1k times any bet you make, and there’s a wonderful progress jackpot along the time. Alongside the leading ladies sporting sizable cleavage, we consider ourselves in love with this one!

What They Could Have Improved

We almost feel like betraying the game for talking about this, but there are things that can be done to help make this game a little better than it currently is, despite being good. One is the addition of more interesting bonuses and a full fledged bonus game. With all the creativity that went into the art style, surely, there’s something they could have done with this one to make it sing a little more when it comes to that. It feels like a missed opportunity to have some more Western fun, maybe having a shoot out or things of that nature. On top of that, we wish they’d have more of that lovely illustration style apparent, as they did cheap out around the edges by including the suits of playing cards. It’s a big deal because they still look better than most, but we’d loved to have seen more of other things here.

General Style and Presentation

This game is a love letter to the West and women. It has a nice hero that looks fittingly dapper, the leading ladies look like porn stars with guns, and we generally just love the look of this game. They don’t cheap out when it comes to the imagery or UI, either, making it all high budget and beautifully rendered across the board. We enjoyed what they did here, and think it’s good enough to be on a feature video game if they took the time to make some changes to make it elevate itself beyond a slot.

Summing Up the Game

Trigger Happy Slots is a stylistic Western that wins the award for the genre. The best take on it we’ve ever seen, this game clearly had a lot of love for the period, and you can feel that any time you give it a spin. The only thing holding this game back is a mild case of the game play not being that fresh, but we argue that it only makes it more immersive. If you’re looking to relax with some lovely leading ladies, nice progressive jackpots, love the West, guns, and all things brown, you’ll be all over this one. In our experience, Westerns are a genre you either love or hate, and this is one that we ourselves love, even though we normally wouldn’t consider ourselves fans of things like that. If that isn’t a recommendation, we’re not sure what is!