Can You Line Up the Right Combination to Trigger Lucky 6?

When a slot game uses the title Lucky 6, you know the number six must factor in somewhere. You’d be right in this case, as you’ll see when you play Lucky 6. Before you do that, read through our review to see what you make of this slot game from RealTime Gaming.

Reels and paylines combination

This game has an unusual combo of reels and lines. It has six reels in action and just 10 paylines – less than you’d expect for that many reels.

Bet amounts on offer

You can start wagering on those 10 lines at just one cent at a time. A 10-cent bet over all the lines is therefore your starting point. You can also head up to the top end to use a 50-cent bet each time.

Does Lucky 6 offer any special symbols?

Look for the rainbows, because these are wild symbols. They can appear on any reels apart from the first one. They can also double up the value given to any prize you might win. That’s good to know, as it can win you more than you’d otherwise get without one.

But the best symbols – we think, anyway – are the scatters. Not only do you get more than one, you get SIX of them. These are connected to the game title, because together they can spell out LUCKY6.

Can you unlock a bonus feature in this game?

Above, we told you it was possible to spell LUCKY6 across the reels. If you do this, you can generate as many as 25 free spins to enjoy. You can get free spins for fewer scatters but if you can spell the word LUCKY or LUCKY6, you get grouped wilds appearing on the reels – every reel but the first one, in fact. It’s possible to get a multiplier worth up to 5x any prize as well.

Download and enjoy playing Lucky 6 slots today!

So, the main benefit of trying this game is being able to have some free spins to look forward to. But remember, these spins aren’t just your regular free spins. They can offer multipliers and other features depending on how many of those scatters you can line up. If you can spell out LUCKY6, your free spins feature could be very lucky for you. Play this online slot now to see whether that’s the case!