The Mariachi 5 Slots

This is one of the very few games we’ve seen use the Dias de Los Muertos theme in a way that we enjoy. If you’ve seen Pixar’s Coco, this one would make Mama Coco proud! It has a breathtaking visual appeal that looks like it could have been taken from the concept art of that film itself, a nice set of game play mechanics and multipliers that will keep players of all kinds happy, and enough free games to keep you playing long into the after life when you’ll be given a chance to look like the rest of the cast.

With how many scatters, wilds, and substitutes you’ll see here, you’ll soon realize that they didn’t skimp on the game play with this one! They really knocked it out of the park there, making it more than just a pretty face, albeit an undead pretty face that we enjoy. We really can’t fault it about too much, including its 243 pay lines, which is way more than we’d ever need!

If you’re a fan of Spanish art and culture and want a way to interact with that will riding a large wave of online money, then this one was made just for you. It has a lot of heart, a lot of style, and all without having any actual organs apparently present in any of the characters. It’s a nice treat all around, even if you’re not into this sort of thing, as it’s a lighthearted take on the genre that tickles that itch you didn’t know you had until you give it a try.

What You Can Expect

If you know anything about the holiday itself, then you’ll know you can expect good things from this one based on the screenshots alone! They really did the Los Muertos theme justice in this one, giving it a nice cartoony look that is pixel perfect across the whole of the experience, down to the suits of playing cards looking kind of like bones. This isn’t a game that messes around, and we appreciate every bit of it!

The game play is no slouch, either. With 243 lines to bet on and the usual number of reels that just so happens to be in the title of the game itself, you’ll feel right at home in this one while still appreciating how innovative it manages to be along the way. This game plays like a joy that matches how well it looks, and gives you many a chance to double your winnings, if not multiplying them by up to 2k each!

You will also find some subtle details in the UI that are very nice and fitting, letting you know that the devs spared no expense and left nothing to chance in making this one. A class act all around that we have a hard time believing people won’t appreciate.

What They Could Have Improved

We loved this one to death, including the deadly theme, but we still could have done with some changes to it that would have bolstered the experience. For starters, they could have easily plopped a progressive jackpot or two onto it and it’d have really sung. We can’t think of anything we’d love more in the afterlife than going out atop a giant mound of winnings, and this game already has so much going for it that it feels almost wrong to deny it of that.

We also wish they’d have done away with the playing cards so we could see more of the lovely title characters and what they had to offer as well. With a game this good looking, you mostly want to see more of it.

General Style and Presentation

The Dia de Los Muertos is a theme not often used in slots because it creeps the hell out of many people. Pixar’s Coco had a nice cartoon take on it that this game picked up on in spades, however, making it feel and look great and not leaving you feeling put off or let down. They did a great job here, having a very colorful caste of characters compared to anything living or dead, and a nice set of design conventions that really hit home the Spanish theme. If you like Mariachi music, that’s also alluded to here as well, all coming together for a compelling Spanish package that we think succeeds at what they set out to do.

Special mention should be made about the background and UI as well. They made it all feel like you were in a vibrant Spanish celebration of the day itself, all having intricate design work that’s featured there and looks spot on and entirely appropriate. They clearly had a smile on their faces when they made this one, which is quite contagious!

Summing Up the Game

The Mariachi 5 Slots is our favorite take on the Spanish Day of the Dead holiday. Although they worked Mariachi into the title, it’s clear what the theme is, and we’re okay with that. If you’re looking for something that has undead piñata in it alongside deceased musicians and lots of free spins, then you have oddly specific tastes. Despite that, this game will meet all of them, and then some. It’s easily the best Spanish themed game on the market, and among the prettiest and most expressive cartoon games we’ve laid our eyes on in the slot space.

Do yourself a favor and jump into the celebration with this cute, cultural, and unabashed winning adventure. It has so many pay lines you’ll lose track, enough charm and charisma that you’ll be laughing the whole way, and is entirely unique for that reason. It’s one of our favorite games of the year, and we love it to death, if you’ll pardon us a pun. Jump on this one right now, sink in, lay back, and let the winnings sing on into your wallet!