Fire Dragon Slots

Real Time Gaming is a lot of things. Modern, high paying, meticulously developing, and things of that nature for sure. With this game, however, we can add in ‘possessing impeccable taste’ to the mix! Jackie Chan’s hit film that has for the most part been relegated to relative obscurity has been brought back for a contemporary take on the action slot genre.

Featuring the usual number of reals and 20 pay lines in total, this game can award up to 50k times any bet you make per line, which as you might expect, adds up quick! This is thanks to the ninja masks that can be gathered, as well as careful playing of course! That spices up an otherwise still lovely game to make for something we feel is a special and unique standout in the genre that no one will want to miss for a second.

If you are a Jackie Chan fan, then of course you’ll love this one. If you’re simply interested in slots, however, there’s still a lot to like, and plenty to enjoy here. We had a massively good time with this one, which the jackpot only adds to as a cherry on top of a wonderful cake. That one in particular comes in at $5k a win, and resets afterwards while being awarded at complete random.

For anyone unfamiliar with the movie, but is still open to giving Chan the good old college try, this one is sure to please and fill your wallet if you’re at all inclined to winning money and playing slots online!

What You Can Expect

This game is relatively standard in many ways, which we feel only adds to the immersion. The number of reels is the new Real Time Gaming standard of 5, and the pay lines only top out at 20. You can still win all manner of coins from this, up to 50x your bet per line as we mentioned, but there’s nothing particularly new here. There’s also the usual jackpot that you’ve come to love and expect, which we don’t say as a putdown! Just to point out that as far as the gameplay in this one goes, you’re not going to see much here that you haven’t seen before, and it’s all wonderfully accessible for that reason.

Aside from the gameplay, however, the theme stands tall and strong, one of which can be said of Chan himself. Based on a film that didn’t break the box office in American but did become a cult classic in the internet age, Fire Dragon is the usual mix that you’ll find in a Jackie Chan movie that we’ve all come to love over the years. His image of course is the main draw, and one of the best things you can match, but the whole thing brings in elements of military machinery and ninjas in a way we’re surprised you don’t see more often. Everything looks stellar and perfectly illustrated from the films as well, not being photos, but wonderfully done paintings that Chan himself would be proud to see.

Overall you’ll see a lot here that you’ve seen before, but it’s all done with a big smile by Jackie Chan over the top of it, which could make things a lot worse!

What They Could Have Improved

There’s a lot here we loved, but still plenty of things that could have been done to please fans of slots the world over, whether or not you’re here for the main man Chan himself. A larger jackpot would have been nice, for example, as would things like bonus rounds that had a bit of the film flare to them to keep them interesting. There’s also not many pay lines or mechanics there that are going to wow you, and you’ll still be having a great time without as many free spins as you’ll see elsewhere, but we’d loved to have seen those make an appearance too. Most of our criticisms lie in the gameplay for that reason. We had a wonderful time with the art and theme, but the gameplay still lends itself to the more mundane fair of the slot world, and isn’t going to stand out in any way.

General Style and Presentation

Most games based on a film take the cheaper route of pulling images and promotional materials from the film, and littering the game with that. This game pulls no punches, however, much like Chan himself!

Everything is a hand painted version of what you’ll see in the film, having a more cartoon oriented style within that photo realism. It all looks wonderful, and we wish more companies would take this route when putting together their games. It all feels fresh, expressive, and inviting, and has about as much energy as Chan when you see him pop up on the silver screen.

The colors are also very jungle looking and have a light touch to them, giving it all an aura of the fantastic that we enjoy. This is easily the main point of and the chief strength of the game, upon which no expense was spared, and for which we have not one criticism, other than wanting more of the title illustrations instead of suits of cards which feel out of place around the rest of what you see here.

Summing Up the Game

Fire Dragon Slots is not based on Chan’s more well known films, which is probably why they got the license. It’s still a cult classic that’s been turned into a compelling game, however, paying out with the best of them, and disappointing in almost no ways. If you can get over the standard gameplay, this one is sure to leave a smile on your face and a bump in your wallet, one of which tends to happen any time we pop in a Chan film to enjoy. Highly recommended for players of all kinds.