Pig Winner Slots

This punny little game is a fun one from Real Time Gaming that looks unlike anything we’ve seen before, and that’s probably for the best. Its an unexpectedly Zodiac themed game, taking after the Chinese form of it, that looks like it would have been better off with a little more time in the oven before it was released to the general public. This game still manages to pull no punches despite looking somewhat out of place in the slot world, and has a lot going for it, but let it be known that the jarring visual style looks like something that would have benefitted from a little more polish to let it sing.

The gameplay is the reel draw here, if you’ll excuse us another pun! This one racks in at the usual 5 reels, but has 243 pay lines, which is many orders of magnitude more potential for you to win at online slots. They all spin by just the same, however, so it’s still easy and accessible to play. Our main complete about the gameplay is that none of it is very new and inventive, which alongside of an art style that’s not much to look at and a market filled with games that look good enough to be films, makes this one an uneasy recommendation to make if you’re considering anything beyond its rate of pay.

If you’re looking for the next big budget slot game, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a way to win a bunch of money, it’ll fit the bill nicely. And if you’re looking for a game that’s truly innovative, this also isn’t that. It’s a mixed bag all around, much like the Chinese Zodiac, and well worth a try since it costs so little to get started.

What You Can Expect

This game for starters looks really strange. Not in an endearing way, either. We know someone once that was into making strange wire paintings and prints with neon colors once, and this all reminds us of that. There’s almost a hint of drug culture to the way that it looks, having an unusual grit that seems somewhat out of place, and nothing really that strikes you as aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. Might just be us, but we were not impressed with how this one looks!

Unfortunately, the gameplay is not there to pick up the slack, either. Although as we mentioned it has a very high number of pay lines, 243, to keep things a little more interesting, there are still a lot better games out there that do that as well and don’t really get in your way in regards to how they look. This one really is somewhat of a let down in that regard, looking odd, playing it way too safe on the gameplay, and only surviving on its ability to make sweet love to your wallet.

What They Could Have Improved

We think pretty much everything about this game could have gone a lot better. There isn’t anything here that strikes us as something that was entirely finished. The way the game looks seems like a first draft. The gameplay, while not bad, is literally the same old thing. And the UI just looks odd given that it’s more of an Aztec theme on a game using Chinese Zodiac characters. It almost looks like a Native American take on that Asian theme, which comes off as really odd. And the fact that none of it seems to ‘work’ or click makes it all even worse.

We’d have been okay if the gameplay was really out there and zany like the look, or the look had something to it that made us smile, but neither are there, and that’s a problem.

If they had made the number of pay lines not the only unique feature of the game, that would have helped. As would really interesting bonus rounds or things of that nature that Real Time Gaming is known for elsewhere. None of that is present here, however, which is a crying shame.

General Style and Presentation

This is one of those games that crazy art students are going to love and praise for how unconventional it is, but anyone with half a brain will look at and find wanting. It looks eerie, strange, and weird, and in no way seems to have found a nice balance of looking good along the way. It’s a game that clearly had strong sense behind the design of it, but that designer may have also been sniffing some very strong incense at the time. Things like that pervade every aspect of the look, and make you wonder who thought this up and how it all came together when it all looks so strange.

If you like neon things and yellow and beige, however, you’ll love it!

Summing Up the Game

Pig Winner Slots is one of the weirdest looking games we’ve seen, and not in a positive way. Little about the game really slicks for us, and we have a hard time wondering what they were thinking when they made it. We’re clearly not the audience for this game, and frankly, we’re not entirely sure who is. If you’re into odd art stuff and new attempts at visual ideas, maybe this one will strike you. For anyone with a more normal sensibility or good sense of taste, however, we have a hard time thinking that you will sink your teeth into this one, or have a lot to like about it. It’s one of those odd times when something is mostly mediocre and weird in most ways, and you have a hard time finding redeeming qualities about it. Maybe there’s something we’re missing, but to us, it’s an odd mish mash of different genres and styles that is over the backdrop of a mostly play it safe game, and there are plenty of those out there that you can try.